Jonathan was a hero who tried to help a smaller child who was being bullied and 15 people attacked him in cowardly violence and our beloved son was beaten to death! Jonathan was an aspiring artist, a kind, loving, caring, and generous young man who had his whole life ahead of him and he will be forever loved and cherished every day every moment!
We are Team Jonathan Lewis, Team Jonathan is already taken.


From the first moment we hold you in our arms and for all the ages you are our heart, our truest treasure, all that we could ever hope for in purpose.
Endless devotion flows every moment of every day from parents golden lion hearts.
Nothing can ever break our will and endless love. It's the fire of the ages, it's fierce beyond measure it's all of the tireless work of lifetimes
come to bear in every action! We are so grateful to serve you
to know your love to hold you and keep you safe and stand as a pillar of love guiding and lighting the way.
If you can't love each other love Jonathan!




A lot of people want to know why I said "I hope that they can find forgiveness in their hearts and come to terms with what they've done" in the news about the children that murdered my son. My fury comes out in compassion if I'm just vengeful, filled with rage, spite, hate then I'm just continuing the cycles that led to these children becoming this way. I don't want that in this world my son doesn't want that in this world. I'm furious with more than just these children I'm a father whose son was just beaten to death because collectively we don't value human life enough we don't focus on the best human traits of kindness, love, generosity, compassion, and empathy. I do hope these children find forgiveness in their hearts because if more people had forgiveness, love, compassion, and empathy my son would probably still be alive. I'm an incredible warrior father I take my children into the forest, hunt, gather, and protect all with love, compassion, and empathy.
If I kill an animal I do so with compassion and love for life.
Jonathan was love not hate, vengeance, rage, anger, and revenge!
Another critical confusion is when I stated that it looked like these kids were possessed by anger, rage, and hate. I meant that in the sense that any human can have hate, having NOTHING to do with racism! We just don't have enough LOVE that's what I meant!
love is justice, forgiveness is love


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